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Beethoven – The Solo Concertos


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About Album

In conjunction with his Viennese Chamber Orchestra, the Austrian pianist and conductor Stefan Vladar presents a new studio production of the solo concertos by Ludwig van Beethoven. He does so in proven twin function in the spirit of Viennese musical tradition:

“As a pianist and conductor in one person, it is possible to convey a better overall impression of these concertos and I understand this more than expanded chamber music as pure solo concertos with orchestra.” (Stefan Vladar)

Supported by high-quality soloists, the virtuoso concertos experience a contemporary performance somewhere between tradition and a chamber musical interpretation:

“With Beethoven, you have to have stamina as well as perfection and great vision. Actually, you have to be able to perform almost superhuman things.” (Isabelle van Keulen)

This is a new and fascinating sound document from the musical metropolis of Vienna:

“Of course, performing music in Vienna is something very special. Here, there is a natural understanding, an energy and a passion for music that is by no means common.” (Julian Steckel)

Artists: Isabelle van Keulen, Julian Steckel, Stefan Vladar, Wiener KammerOrchester
Label: Capriccio
Release Date: 2016
Genre: Classical
People: Isabelle van Keulen (Violin), Julian Steckel (Cello), Wiener Kammerorchester, Stefan Vladar (Piano & Conductor)