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GSIM – Master Class for Clarinet 2020

GSIM 2020 coming up from July 26 to August 7   Special Scholarships for students from europe! For more information send me an email:   For more information on GSIM find information here:

Clarinet & Piano 3.0

Off the beaten track of classical concerts, my friend Laurens Patzlaff and I dare to step into exciting new territory with their latest performance. Together as a Duo we offer...

The GershWIEN Project – New CD out now!

Finally my new CD is on the market! Thanks to my brilliant colleges Maria Radutu on Piano, Franz Hofferer on drums and Georg Burdicek from Studio Tonzauber for makin' this...

GSIM 2019 is coming up!

The Global Summer Institute of Music is coming up! Apply for my Masterclass for Clarinet, there are special offers for all students from Europe! GLOBAL SUMMER INSTITUTE OF MUSIC Masterclass for Clarinet Markus...