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The GershWIEN Project – Release Concert

The GershWIEN Project – Release Concert

The release concert of the GershWIEN Project took place on the 5th of April in the more then sold out „Red Salon“ in Vienna’s 1. district. We loved talking with the audience about the album and playing excerpts of it. The only challenge: finding my way to the stage, through the people that had to stand on the stairs, while playing the famous Gershwin Rhapsody clarinet solo.

In the time after the release, we were happy to receive beautiful reactions from the audience to our album:

My kids dance to Penderecki in pajamas before breakfast (Stefan)

It’s my new favorite CD to listen to while driving (Anna)

Is the Artie Shaw Concerto really classical music? I love it! (Günther)

The same Zigeunerweise I know so well with violin and orchestra sounds much more round and sometimes dark with clarinet and piano (Clemens)

In times of data protection to be considered a big thing, we keep the full names of these quotes private, but we know them all!