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GSIM – Master Class for Clarinet 2020

GSIM 2020 coming up from July 26 to August 7   Special Scholarships for students from europe! For more information send me an email:   For more information on GSIM find information here:

My trip to Hamburg – discovering the Elbphilharmonie

It is indeed an amazing experience to play in the new Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg! But even better is to be on that stage together with the marvellous Elina Garanca. We have performed with her an acclaimed concert with a wide cross-selection from the opera repertoire. The audience was thrilled! Considering that one concert wouldn’t have been enough for us for such a trip, we decided to give another one the day after, together with...

Clarinet & Piano 3.0

Off the beaten track of classical concerts, my friend Laurens Patzlaff and I dare to step into exciting new territory with their latest performance. Together as a Duo we offer a program which joins modern and classic together with elements of improvisation, components of traditional classical concerts, and a seldom heard clubbing atmosphere in the form of buoyant jazz pieces for clarinet and piano. Laurens starts off with an improvisation from popular music pieces to...

The GershWIEN Project – Release Concert

The release concert of the GershWIEN Project took place on the 5th of April in the more then sold out "Red Salon“ in Vienna’s 1. district. We loved talking with the audience about the album and playing excerpts of it. The only challenge: finding my way to the stage, through the people that had to stand on the stairs, while playing the famous Gershwin Rhapsody clarinet solo. In the time after the release, we were...

Artie Shaw Concerto for Clarinet – watch the rehearsal

In summer 2018 i played Artie Shaw's famous concerto for clarinet together with my friend and pianist Laurenz Patzlaff and Justin Alexander on drums. Watch the rehearsal here! Did you know? This Musical Masterpiece is also one of the major tracks on my new Album The GershWIEN Project...